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We are glad you are here today. Below you will find all the links to the individual JSTD organizations. Please click on one or more of the links below and you will be directed to the appropriate business unit website.


J&S Tech Designs

— JSTechDesigns.com

J&S Tech Designs is a full-service strategic business consulting services firm specializing in technology consulting and project management solutions. See how we can improve your outcomes.

Gymboree Play & Music

— Gymboree.TO

Gymboree Play & Music Thousand Oaks offers hands-on play, music, and art classes for infants, babies, and toddlers ages 0-5. Our iconic classes are designed by child development experts to bring parents and kids together for learning, socialization, play, music, dance, art, and fun! 


J&S Top Deals

— JSTopDeals.com

J&S Top Deals is a website devoted to detailed product reviews of recommended tools to help make your business successful. We’ve done the research; you reap the benefits.

J&S Therapeutic Designs

— JSTherapeuticDesigns.com

JSTD, LLC was founded by Jim and Susan Nagy in 2007. J&S Therapeutic Designs, a subsidiary of JSTD, LLC specializes in clinical solutions for physicians, individuals, and health plans.


J&S Toddler Development

— JSToddlerDevelopment.com

J&S Toddler Development, LLC, established in 2018 is the parent company of the Gymboree Play and Music Franchise in Thousand Oaks, California. It is owned and operated by James & Susan Nagy of Camarillo, California. 

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